Company Overview

We provide a full range of custom retail software services, with a focus on web and mobile application development in addition to providing top-class level cyber-security solutions. Our contribution covers all stages of the software development life cycle: from design, business analysis, prototyping to the actual development, quality assurance and post-project maintenance and support.

The Internet has become a dangerous space, we help our clients stay safe and prepared for any virtual threat.

In addition we provide our customers with a full range of cyber security solutions to overcome the on-line threats of todays digital age.

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 Mission and Vision

Our vision is to overcome the limitations associated with software and application development, to all business owners, even those who come from a non-technical background.

Our mission is to provide ready-made software solutions and prototypes for almost every industry, covering all aspects of the business, making software development as easy as purchasing a new phone.

We have invested in more than 50 ready made mobile Apps and website prototypes for our clients.

Our Approach

Start your online business without any technical skills!

Why try to reinvent the wheel when we have done it all for you? Our branding and development experts have created a library of resources that are constantly evolving. We have spent years developing a credible brand that you can leverage from day one. Starting an online business can be time-consuming and expensive. You can shortcut your route to market and access our extensive range of ready-made prototypes.

We provide running prototypes for almost every industry where our clients can test the product they are about to purchase before purchase. A full description and logic flow of the whole platform is provided on our behalf, granting business owners more time to think about how to grow their business rather than system development and logic flow.

Our custom made prototypes cover all essential features your online business will need to grow, from inventory management and routine business flow to the latest online marketing features needed to stand out in today’s compact virtual world. In other words, focus on how to grow your business and let our experts focus on the technical aspects and features you need to accomplish this growth.

We have consulted experts in almost every industry to make sure our platforms cover all industry basic requirements

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Our Partners


The No.1 trusted VPN provider

Our goal: is to keep you informed and protected from the risks and vulnerabilities of today’s cyber world. We achieve this by exceeding your expectations with a fast, secure and reliable service.


Towards the future


Profitech to be recognized by our clients as an innovative organization known for its integrity and providing the right balance of quality and cost to deliver the best value in our industry. To strive and become the preferred IT company in the middle east for our clients to work with, distinguished by professionalism, teamwork, empowerment, pride, creativity, and accountability.